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The Company


What are the essential activities for an entrepreneur to be able to produce extra virgin olive oil of high quality?

For Alessandro Ricci it is the ability to directly manage and control all the stages of production, from the harvest, to the selection and squeezing of the olives and last but not least the communication with his clients.

And what are the characteristics that identify and characterize the extra virgin olive oil Alessandro Ricci, in addition to the soil, the olive trees and olives?

The knowledge of all the employees, the attention to detail during the production phases, the constant effort over time, the commemoration of the traditions and the land.

When was the foundation laid that still supports the company today?

The extra virgin olive oil Alessandro Ricci originates in Montecchio and its roots reach back to the middle of the 19th century, starting with the great-great grandfather Domenico, a small landowner, followed by the great-grandfather Zeno and then by the grandfather Riano, who survived the dramatic "great freeze of 1956" and made all the sacrifices necessary to restore what was lost.
His son Giovanni had the task of pursuing and of understanding the changes of the last decades, increasing the quantity and quality through the purchase of new and selected olive groves in the area.

What are the plans for the future?

The activities were further developed with the descent into the field of Alessandro Ricci, son of Giovanni, who, continuing in the tradition, realized "the big dream of his grandfather" by buying an oil mill, a strategic move for the business development and for the completion of the processes of quality control.