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What are the parts of the territory of Montecchio (TR) that produce our olives?

For clarity and transparency, we have given the olive groves the same name as the land where they are cultivated: Guerrino, Termini, Marrite and Ortocupo.

At what altitude can the soils be found, on which the approx. 5.000 olive trees are grown and tended and which particular varieties of olives are produced?

The grounds are mainly hilly and stony. Located at an altitude between 400 and 600 meters above sea level they provide olives of the varieties Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino.

What additional features contribute to the realization of such a characteristic and genuine oil of the region Umbria?

This extra virgin olive oil is cultivated just a few meters from the oil mill Frantoio Ricci. This is another feature that thanks to the rapid harvesting of the olives and the immediate processing, maintains all the organoleptic characteristics like freshness, scents, flavor and color.

You can verify the things we say, by coming to visit us in person in our oil mill Frantoio Ricci, where you can observe many of the details and particularities of our work. Here you can taste the extra virgin olive oil Alessandro Ricci on a slice of home-baked bread, whilst comfortably sitting in front of a lit fireplace in the lounge reserved for you.

We decided to follow the difficult path of commitment, seriousness and tradition because we are convinced that today this is the only viable one, to establish a fair, transparent and long-lasting relationship of trust with you.

The product is available in tins of 3 and 5 liters and in bottles of 1 liter, 0,750 l, 0,500 l and 0,250 l.