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History and Territory

montecchiomontecchio2The village of Montecchio (TR), a land of ancient traditions, is a delightful and quaint medieval village that is located on a hill just a few steps from the Tiber valley and just 18 km from Orvieto.

Within its walls, the high and sometimes dark alleys, when hit by sunlight or the dimmer light of the street lamps at night, draw views and angles so striking that bring visitors back in time through feelings and imagination.

Today Montecchio preserves many other important and mysterious relics from the past in its territory, such as the Etruscan Necropolis of San Lorenzo valley, not far from the village.

The first reliable information on Montecchio dates back to 1150-1160 and refers to the family Chiaravalle from Todi, who after its settlement enlarged the castle walls for a more effective defense.

Visitors of Montecchio can enjoy moments of relaxation, breathtaking views, ancient history, mystery and culinary excellence, as evidenced by the extra virgin olive oil Alessandro Ricci.

Our suggestion is to visit us as soon as possible because only then, you will see that there is much more to be discovered than what has been described until now.

In Montecchio history, nature and quality await you.